Planning and executing an event of immense emotional significance with a high level of precision is no easy task. We commend you for seeing and appreciating the skill and refinement a professional wedding planner provides, along with the ease that comes with working with one.  Our services are designed for all couples wherever they are in their planning process.


our highly styled

We provide our couples with a sophisticated and stress free wedding planning experience, in which their vision and story are prioritized in every phase. As a result of our smooth and streamlined planning and design process, our couples can celebrate their wedding day with ease knowing that their wedding is being executed by their trusted planner with their voice and vision as the focus.

At Sincerely Jane Events,

our mission

Planning and executing an event of immense emotional significance with a high level of precision is no easy task. We commend you for seeing and appreciating the skill and refinement a professional planner provides, along with the ease that comes with working with one.  Our services are designed for all couples wherever they are in their planning process.

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  • You're both so excited about your upcoming wedding, but have careers or other commitments that leave you with little time to plan a wedding.
  • You have a general vision for the day and are ready to pass the reins over and work hand in hand with a professional to bring your vision to life and then some. 
  • You are looking for a team you trust to handle the entire planning process, while you enjoy a relaxing & stress-free engagement.
sound like you?

This service is for the couple who wants comprehensive support and intentional planning and design throughout the entire process. Our lead planners and designers are here to curate your dream wedding day, ensuring all you need to worry about is approving final decisions and saying "I Do!"


full wedding planning & design

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This service is designed to ensure your entire wedding weekend, no matter your vision is planned, curated, and executed flawlessly from start to finish.

- Stationery assemblance and mailing

- Assembly of day of Guest goodies

- Extensive Budget breakdown and allocation

- Full vendor procurment for all wedding events


- Your wedding planner working full time from the very beginning.

- All inclusions in our wedding management and Partial Planning services

What's Included

- And so much more!

-Planning, design, & execution of your entire wedding weekend.

- your planning team booking and attending all core vendor meetings.

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  • You have already started building your all star vendor team, but need help managing the ongoing planning.
  • You are a creative person who needs a little help setting a design foundation for you and your vendor team to work off of.
  • You have a somewhat busy schedule and need the support of a professional planner to lead the way through your planning process and alleviate the pressure on yourself.
sound like you?

Four our couples that fall between the full support of our full planning and design services, but need more hands on work than our wedding management service offers. 

FOR THE COUPLE WHO needs something inbetween

Partial wedding planning & design

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- Any other service you may need that is not listed here can happily be discussed and added

- RSVP tracking and management

- wedding website creation and management 

- Your wedding planner stepping in to manage your vendor team once contracted no later than 6 months out from wedding day.

- A custom DESIGN CONCEPT with specific vendor RECOMMENDATIONS and creative considerations

- All inclusions in our wedding management service

What's Included

Every planning process is unique. Our partial planning service is designed to fit your exact needs. On your consultation we can discuss what areas of planning you may need the most help with and will happily create a custom proposal to fit your exact needs.

- Your wedding planner sitting in on all key planning meetings with your vendor team.

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  • You're a type A person who is excited to plan their wedding, but wants to ensure you have the guidance & structure from a wedding planner to keep the planning process stress free. 
  • You want to be able to enjoy the last months of your engagement while having someone to connect with your vendors, finalize timelines, and ensure all the wedding weekend logistics are triple checked and ready to go! 
sound like you?

This service is for the couple who would prefer to take the lead on early planning stages, while having all the tools of a professional available, and then relax in the final months as their planner takes the lead to finalize all the logistics with their vendor team.

For the couples that want to relax in the final months of wedding planning

Wedding Management 

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On your consultation call we will go into all the specifics of this service level to ensure you are left with no questions and are ready to become a Sincerely Jane Bride!

- Your planning team for Up to 12 hours day of management

- Conduction of a one hour rehearsal

- Full access to our Minted partnership discounts

- access to our trusted vendors list and pointed recommendations 

- Creation of your master timeline beginning with your rehearsal the day prior


What's Included

- Your Wedding Planner Stepping in 12 weeks out from your wedding day.

- Guided planning meetings in the final weeks with your planner.

- foundational planning meeting at the start of your planning

- Setup and breakdown of personal items

- email support with your wedding planner throughout your time with SJE.

- ORGANIZATION and direction of an on site final walkthrough.

- Creation/Management of all layouts

- Creation/Management of key vendor documents

- final vendor emails detailing out all final information 

- And lots of other helpful inclusions

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  • You have a general idea and vision for your day, and need someone to turn it into an aesthetic and logistical blueprint for your vendor team to create and execute. 
  • You want to ensure you have the right vendors in place to bring your vision to life.
  • You want to ensure you design plan is logistically and financially sound to avoid bottle necks and over spending.
sound like you?

We will create a custom wedding design plan for you, and you'll walk away with a detailed wedding blueprint that you can hand to your florist, venue, rentals and other creative vendors as they design your Big Day. We will work with you to capture your vision by creating a custom design board featuring a collection of color palettes, seating layouts, inspiration photos, and fabric samples. They'll specify everything from the color and style of your bridesmaid gowns to the logistics of your exit plan. (We also offer custom sketching services for our clients upon request at the initial consultation!)

for couples looking to elevate their current vision


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For all the vendors needed to make the blueprint a reality.

- personalized referral list

- One revision of the final design blueprinT

- Suggested floor plans

- budget projection

To review design PDF and budget projections.

- One virtual meeting 

A detailed map for your entire vendor team depicting your exact design vision through custom sketches, written direction, specific visuals, and links to local rentals needed to pull your vision from concept to reality.  

- Full Design Brief

A combination of custom color palette, inspiration images, and written documentation to precisely convey your overall vision to your vendor team.

- custom design concept

To begin building your design foundation.

- in-depth design meeting 

What's Included

Custom allocations based on overall budget, vendor pricing averages, and design priorities. 

We bring a lot of energy to our weddings and respect each vendor as professionals which has led to strong and trusted relationships in our cities. Our local vendors know and trust that we will not only provide what is needed for them to execute their service well, but also ensure that they have all the tools, respect, and support to allow them to provide their service in a way that always exceeds couples expectations. 

Our ability and focus on taking our couples unique visions and turning them into highly detailed design plans through inspiration and custom sketches; that are then used to convey their wants precisely to their vendor team and ensure their wedding is custom and representative of them/their story in every way.

We continually invest in our skills and resources to ensure that we are providing our couples with the highest levels of service possible. We are not only able to advise and create designs that are currently trending, but also are able to provide designs that are unique to our couples - no matter the style or trend they desire.


What would cause your base pricing to increas?



All of our pricing is considered a base price. Some reasons you may anticipate a higher proposal pricing would be having a guest count of over 200, multiple locations on your wedding day, extended hours required (over 12) on your wedding day, additional services not included in the initial services procured such as adding rehearsal dinner or post wedding brunch planning and execution. 

How many people do you bring with you the day of the wedding?

Our packages include one assistant, however we can add on and bring as many as needed, which is usually determined by guest count or intricacy of the wedding day. 

Will you only work with your preferred vendors? 

Although our preferred vendor list is the easiest way to ensure couples have a flawless wedding experience, we are always open to working with new professional vendors and growing our connections within the wedding industry.

Is there anything you don't help with on the wedding day? 

In short, the role of another professional vendor. We are always happy to lend a hand when needed, but will not fill the role of another wedding professional; it takes our focus away from the tasks that you entrusted us to fulfill and degrades your wedding experience. 

Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples? 

Yes - we’re in the industry of celebrating love stories, and we believe all love should be celebrated!

Wedding planners seem expensive…. Why?

In an effort to keep it brief, time and skill. Your wedding planner is the vendor you will work the longest with and communicate the most with throughout your planning experience. Typically for our full planning and design clients we spend anywhere from 200 - 400+ hours working on their wedding day. Like any working professional we need to make an hourly rate that can sustain our business. Wedding planning is incredibly time and labor intensive. We are sure to be the first vendor on site on your wedding day, and are the last to leave to ensure a flawless event. We also pay above the market rate for all of our assistant and associate planners to ensure we attract and retain the best of the best!

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- Your guests experience at your wedding is a high priority
- You place a high value on custom wedding design
- You expect a wedding that represents you and your story with every detail
- You understand the value a professional planner brings to your wedding


finding the right fit in your wedding planning team is a very important decision.